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Retrofitting means the renewal of the machines, which were in use for a long time.

Since the mechanics of the old machines are often in good condition and the new generation electronics changed substantially, the machine tools customers mainly want the retrofitting of the automation and electronic circuits.

By machines retrofitting the customers will get some advantages like:

*  Much improved reliability

*  Higher accuracy

*  Fast machining cycles

*  Complex work pieces machining

*  Increased program memory

*  Increased operating access

*  Network integration

*  Spare parts for a longer time


Complex teams of TITAN AUTOMATIZĂRI specialists performed the retrofitting of some outstanding machines equipped with TITAN AUTOMATIZĂRI made automation installations at customers such as:

*    SAMSUNG (South Korea)


*    CITI (Italy)

*    KVAERNER (Romania)

*    TIMKEN (Romania)

*    ROLEM (Romania)



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